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Learn The 7 Steps To Living Well With Our Guide To Strengthening Mind,
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"A Great Book to Get You Started on the Road to Natural Health and Wellness!"

- Monique N. Gilbert, BSc.,
Health & Wellness Life Coach, Freelance Writer and Author

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From The Desk of Laura M. Turner, M.Sc., CFT, CNHP

Dear Friend In Health:

If you found my website, chances are you want to do everything your can to keep your body,  mind and spirit "well." Am I right? In this modern age there is a wonderful mass movement toward taking a personal responsibility for one's own health.  And I couldn't be happier about it.

Yes, we still need our doctors.  We still need to know our numbers, have our blood work checked and so on.  But in this modern age we are educating the medical profession.  We, as individuals, are ushering it forward into this beautiful age of Integrative Medicine.   I'm sure you've heard this term a lot, lately.  To me, it simply means blending Eastern Wisdom with Western Science. 

And that is what Spiritual Fitness is all about.  Giving you the tools you need to enjoy a fabulous quality of life and health in this modern age.  Welcome.












What readers say:

"Laura, I was amazed at how in depth your book "Spiritual Fitness - the 7 steps to living well" is.  This must have taken an amazing length of time to write and even to understand the methods you're talking about in here.  I didn't expect it to contain so much "taking you by the hand" kind of information, because most "books" online are not really BOOKS at all. 

I intend to suggest this book to all of the ladies I counsel, as part of the overall healing that they need to take back control of their lives and their health.  Why should I write it all over again, when you've got it right there in black and white?"

Rev. Lisa Tyler, Blessing Meadows Ministries in Warwick, GA



Why I Wrote Spiritual Fitness:

I spent 5 years training as a traditional medical student before making the conscious decision to seek a graduate degree in natural health practices.  The reason is this: During my traditional medical studies, I observed patients maintaining illness.  Yet, often times when natural health principles were applied to ill patients some were healed from their illness.  It's simple, yet herein lies the vast difference.


What the media says:
"Spiritual Fitness is a book worth pondering to effectively advance change within one's life. A highly recommended read!"


How To Begin Your Journey Of Spiritual Fitness:

As you may have guessed, Spiritual Fitness does not subscribe to any particular religious denomination.  It may have a slightly Christian bias as my roots are based in Christianity. However, I continue to be fascinated by Eastern cultures and their healing practices. Therefore, as the Taoists of the East have practiced for centuries, all are welcome.  Everyone can benefit from Spiritual Fitness simply by applying its seven basic principles.  This is not an exhaustive list, however.  Spiritual Fitness is a process that will continue to be uncovered over time.  This much remains true: If you apply even one of these principles to your life, your health and well being will improve. That is my promise to you.


What readers say:
More from USA BOOK NEWS:

“In this wonderful book, Laura Turner offers a mixture of spirituality, health and meditation that is extremely refreshing. Arranged in an easy to read format, the author challenges the reader to look at their lives with an expansive lens. The title has seven distinctive chapters covering spiritual discipline, creative visualization, meditation, energy work, nutrition, spiritual exercise and how to achieve mastery within one’s life.

Each chapter offers quotes, what the reader will learn, specific information to implement and FAQ’s on the subject discussed.  

Spiritual Fitness is a rare find that contains the secrets on how to integrate the mind, body and spirit. 


What The 7-Steps To Spiritual Fitness Will Give You:

What will I get in this 200 page handbook? You may be wondering.  If you read Spiritual Fitness in its entirety you’ll learn this and more from my step-by-step program:

Step 1.  Cultivating a Spiritual Discipline:  Learn the one simple way to follow your inner radar and let it guide you to your highest good (Page 26).

Step 2.  Using Creative Visualization:  Learn to take charge of your mind without expensive therapy (Page 41).

Step 3.  Using Creative Meditation: Learn the absolute best way to meditate for your health (Page57).

Step 4.  Balancing Your Energy: Learn how to avoid the 7 biggest energy blockers  (Page 77).

Step 5.  Balancing Your Nutrition: End dieting forever and learn the secrets to balanced eating (Page111).

Step 6.  Using Movement To Inspire Health: No more no pain, no gain mentality!  Learn what the exercises from the far East can teach you about living well through movement (Page 129).

Step 7.  Achieving Mastery: Learn a simple technique for increasing your longevity and keeping you healthy for a lifetime (Page 169).


The Best Endorsements Are Those From Readers:

Here's more of what readers of Spiritual Fitness: The 7-Steps to Living Well had to say about their experience.  I hope you will enjoy and embrace their wisdom as I am most grateful for their offerings.  If you have a story, do feel free to contact me -- I'd love to add it here on the site. 






















What readers say:

A Great Book to Get You Started on the Road to Natural
Health and Wellness!

"This is a wonderful guide to help you begin your journey to a healthy way of living, thinking and eating! If you like the works of Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Shakti Gawain, you will love my friend Laura Turner’s book Spiritual Fitness: The 7-Steps To Living Well.

She presents a wide range of disciplines in a simple, straight forward and easy to understand format. Laura provides a vast array of inspirational affirmations and insights with each of her 7 steps. She simplifies each step by first giving a motivational quote/message and an overview of what you will learn. Then she explains the important concepts needed to understand each step, and breaks them down even further with detailed FAQs.

Finally, she helps you incorporate each step into your daily life with several assignments and exercises. Each step builds upon the next, increasing your awareness to yourself and your connection with the world around you. Laura covers topics that balance and enhance the mind, body and spirit, such as creative visualization, meditation, energy centers (chakras), nutrition and Qigong. She also provides a list of recommended reading for you to continue your road to spiritual well-being in greater detail. So if you want to get headed in the right direction, this is the book for you!"

www.MoniqueNGilbert.com - Monique N. Gilbert, BSc., Health & Wellness Life Coach, Freelance Writer and Author

















What readers say:
From Micheal Teal, a Poet and Spiritual Consultant:

Spiritual Fitness is an insightful and intelligent journey into the world of spirituality and health. Laura M. Turner presents a beautiful jewel that serves as a template for the health and
well being of the mind, body and soul. This book is filled
with light and life.

When reading Spiritual Fitness one is taken along a path of
transformational growth and personal enlightenment. Laura is a fresh and vibrant voice whose writings are nourishing and rewarding. Spiritual Fitness is a book that all who are interested in healing the total self should read.

Having read it I will do my utmost to live the best of every
day and celebrate the fullness of life."

Micheal Teal, The Ancient One






What readers say:

I have read many books about spirituality, but "Spiritual Fitness" stands apart. Turner approaches the sensitive topic with respect and open-mindedness. Her book is divided into bite-sized pieces, which makes it easy-to-read and understand. Combining the best of Western medicine and ancient wisdom, "Spiritual Fitness" leads you to a lifestyle of peace and health. This is the real deal!

- Jenni Schaefer, author of "
Life Without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence from Her Eating Disorder and How You Can Too" (McGraw-Hill)










What readers say:

"I loved Spiritual Fitness. I could not put this book down. Laura does a great job taking you through an easy to learn step-by-step process that helps you to get in touch with your spiritual and physical health and well-being. She shows you how to achieve a healthy balance within yourself. I think this would be a very helpful book for anyone who's trying to find balance in their life and wants to become more connected with their spiritual side.

- Debra A. Ross, expert fitness trainer and author Of Oxy Flex
















What readers say:

Laura Turner's book, Spiritual Fitness is a comprehensive yet simple text that acknowledges the "whole you." Many of us (especially women) have learned to dismember ourselves into roles and parts (i.e., I'm fat, I have a big butt, I am a mommy, I'm a corporate executive, I am not good enough). This book gives the tools you need to start putting all the pieces together so you can feel energized and have long-term, stress-free, healthy habits. Tips and strategies range all the way from healthy food choices to visualization and journaling. Her exercise program includes fun things like "The Inspiration Stretch, Wheel of Life and Embracing the World." If you're ready to break free of the all or nothing, rigid, perfectionistic world of yo-yo dieting, you're ready for this book.

Sheri O. Zampelli, M.S., CCH author of From Sabotage to Success and Donate Your Weight











Another reader review:
"Spiritual Fitness is written from the heart and will touch
many  people who are just starting to think there is more to
their health than doctors say.  Spiritual Fitness will help them
to think for themselves!"

Jayne Chilkes, Healer, Soul Channel, DNA Practitioner,
Author, Composer, Artist
Director of The London School of Visionary Arts



































More Reader Reviews: 

From Rev. Lisa Tyler, Blessing Meadows Ministries:

"Laura has created a comprehensive, amazingly in depth and personal tutorial on how to be healthy from the inside out.  This book is 200 pages long, not to be confused with the usual "essay" or article length books that are circulating in ebook form online. 

It is not only a "how to" book on achieving good health, losing weight and living longer, but it also combines spiritual principles, nutrition, exercise and meditation, marrying the east with the west in beautiful symmetry.

The book is written in an informal, question and answer format, as if Laura were sitting with you in the room, talking about your body's needs, and the needs of your life.

I was so overwhelmed with the amount of crucial, helpful information in this book, that it has taken me nearly 2 weeks to be able to read through and make use of what Laura's training, education and insight have to offer here.

Ms. Turner had taken a bold turn in a normal medical education when she became disappointed with how narrow the field of medicine is for the traditional doctor. 

Seeing that healing in the US focuses on prescribing a pill or cutting out a body part when something goes wrong, she felt that she needed to dig deeper into what made people get ill, and find the answers on how to remain healthy, or to repair a damaged body and become healthy again.

I am sure you will find this book helpful, my only lamentation is that the ordinary citizen may not be concerned enough with taking control of their health to apply these principles to their own life and make them a habit.

Please, dear reader, when you get this book into your hands, sit down and follow her instructions slowly and let the information seep into your brain, and become lodged there.

You NEED to do this if you want to survive the times we live in.  Stress, lack of medical care, poor nutrition and insufficient sleep are robbing us of our lives, and there is no sense in that.  This book is only $14.95 and if you will follow its information, you can significantly improve your life and give it more meaning, more time and more joy."

Rev. Lisa Tyler, Blessing Meadows Ministries in Warwick, GA




More reader reviews:

"This book effectively blends Eastern and Western healing wisdom.  A practical guide to wellness."

 -Janet Kneiss MS, PT 

"INSPIRING!  INSIGHTFUL!  Ms. Turner has perfected the melding of East and West thinking, practice and methodology.  I would recommend this book to any and all fans of AbsForLife!"

 -Lance Austin, www.AbsForLife.com


"Spiritual Fitness is a great self-help book, user friendly with easily understood step-by-step directions to put the reader in the 'driver's seat' of their own well-being.  The author's experience and training show in her explanations and encouragement, becoming the reader's personal coach.  All dimensions of the reader are involved including the mind, body, environment, spirit, diet and exercise."

 -Mona K. Sage, Retired High School Librarian


"In Spiritual Fitness the 7-Steps To Living Well, Laura Turner has clearly and lovingly laid out the process for us.  As a long-term mediator, I resonated with all that she presented.  I wish I had had this guidance when I began my spiritual journey."

 -Helen Tomkins, Santa Barbara, CA



The Spiritual Fitness Secret Ingredient:

To Begin: Take personal responsibility for yourself with the one secret to health you never could have imagined! With the new paradigm in Western medicine and in researching a broad scope of Eastern healthcare, what I've found most amazing is, although the approaches are quite different, both models aim for the same outcome. 

Yet, there was one deep secret to health I was excited to uncover.  I believe it's the missing link to wellness and I wish to share that with you right now.  And here it isstudy your thoughts.  For it is just as the quote:  "As you think, so too shall you be."  During my research I've learned, there’s an intricate process that translates your mind's thoughts into energy, eventually making them material.  Or so it seems.  I can't prove it of course but there are many threads of evidence that suggest it is so. Regardless of it's scientific relevance however, the take home message is: Your thoughts  can help make you sick or they can aid in keeping or making you well.  I believe it all depends on your perspective.  


A Fun "Thinking" Exercise:

Learning to police your thoughts in the name of health is a lot to consider.  To help you understand how to shift your energy in large and small ways, I've created this exercise for you.  First, take time to identify a specific talent you have, a hope for the future or a dream yet unrealized.  Once you've pin-pointed your idea, try creating a personal mission statement with regard to your self.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself what you'd like people to remember about you. What do you believe you are here to do? In other words: What do you stand for? As Martin Luther King tells us: "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

It need only be a short statement. Here's mine: To inspire. It's that simple. Identify your mission (or choose one) and put it in pen - you'll be amazed at what develops. Each day I look carefully for ways to use my gifts in concert with my personal mission statement. It's also a real attitude adjuster when things start to go awry. It can get me back on center in an instant. Give it a try.  Like me on Facebook and let me know how it goes!


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"Finally! A one-of-a-kind book that covers all the essential aspects of a healthy body, mind, and spirit - in easy to read but information packed chapters. This is an outstanding collection of health advice that could change so many people's lives. Thank you!"

-- Amy Butler, co-owner of GreenLifeSaver.net



100% Risk Free 30 Day Guarantee

As I've mentioned, Spiritual Fitness is a 200 page paperback book.  I'd love to sign one for you and place it into your hands as soon as possible.  However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of Spiritual Fitness or 101 Great Ways To Improve your health, return them to me within 30 days for a full refund – absolutely no questions asked.  I personally guarantee if you read and apply just one step to your life you will certainly reap healthy dividends!   

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Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Laugh and Be Well,

Laura M. Turner, M.Sc., CFT, CNHP
Author, Certified Fitness Instructor, Natural Health Practitioner, Wellness Mentor



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