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How Young Living Oils Changed
My Family's Life:

Soon after becoming a Young Living Oils distributor, I attended an all-day Young Living Oils Wellness workshop hosted by Chiropractor, Dr. David Hill, Director of Science and Education for Young Living.  It was unlike any I'd attended before.  For example, upon entering, one is bathed in the delicious aroma of Young Living oils. Next, my guest and I became privy to an exceptional education: Dr. Hill has personally studied, treated and cured many patients with every affliction imaginable using the Young Living Oils.

In a standing-room-only lecture, Dr. Hill documented many cases of improved health through the usual recommendation of simple daily dietary and lifestyle changes. Then he stated something that jumped out and made its way into my heart: The Young Living Essential Oil "Frankincense Essential Oil" has been used to cure cancer and stimulate the immune system. 

We went home from the workshop with a basic Young Living Oil's kit. (Note: To order a full starter kit or to consider becoming a Young Living Essential Oils distributor click here)

I'd brought my boyfriend with me to the workshop, as we were both searching for answers. His Mom had recently been diagnosed with Stage II Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  She had a large palpable lump in the throat area and tests revealed dark spots on other lymph nodes. Doctor's were concerned that the cancer was spreading quickly. She wouldn't live through the year, we were told.  She was immediately given chemotherapy as the first line of defense and if that didn't work, she'd be on to radiation. Problem was: She's also diabetic. After the second round of chemotherapy her white blood cell count plummeted to frightening lows and her treatments came to a halt.  The future looked bleak.

When we arrived home from the conference with our basic Young Living  Oils kit, we knew we had to at least try to approach Ed's mom with the idea of using Frankincense Essential Oil (and hopefully Peace & Calm, to sleep).  Although we knew intellectually it could only help, we were afraid. 

Both that it would hurt her in some way, or being accustomed to traditional medicine, and sick as she was, she'd dismiss it as quackery. 

We planned our attack: Yes, we'd simply ask her if she'd like a foot massage. But, how to explain the aroma?  We settled on honesty.  We simply asked her to give the oils a try, after all: these were gifts given to the Christ child. 

It worked. She loved the Young Living oils!

After the first week of putting the Young Living oils directly on the bottoms of her feet, Ed's mom was able to take chemotherapy again and finish out her cycle of treatments.  Soon after, she was tested to detect what remained of the tumor and to decide if radiation therapy would be necessary. 

No tumor! 


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Since then, many weeks have passed and Ed's mom continues to feel better each day. She's more energetic and able to carry on with all of her activities of daily living (and making her delectable dishes of Italian cuisine).  Each day we give gratitude for the Young Living oils.  Too, with my newfound confidence, I began working both with my own mother on her asthma, COPD and arthritis and my brother with his challenges from the birth defect Spina Bifida.

Now, if you ask me the missing link to health, prevention and healing disease, I will tell you  Young Living Essential Oils!  Why? They heal!  And they also work in conjunction with traditional medical treatment.  I've seen the evidence, I'm a believer. The best news is: This product is available to everyone.  You need only make the commitment to educate yourself about what Young Living Oils are and how to use them safely. 


How Young Living Can Change Your Life:
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I Am Always Happy To Help

There is much to know about learning and sharing Young Living Essential Oils and Oil Enhanced Products and supplements.  If you can't find everything you are looking for on this website, I will be happy to assist you.  Simply contact me with your question and I will do my best to guide you on your journey through Nature's Healing Treasures! 

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